Safe Load Indicator (SLI ) :

Pick & Carry Cranes (Model PINNACLE)
Pick & Carry Cranes (Model MINI SLI)

CRANESAFE Technologies manufactures State of the Art “Safe Load Indicator” Model PINNACLE

• Graphical Touch Screen Display
• Radius in Meters
• Boom Angle in Degrees
• Rated Load in Tons
• Actual Load in Tons
• Hour Meter

• Load percentage Indication (Actual Load to Rated Load)
• Over Hoist (Hook) alarm
• Over Hoist (Boom) alarm
• Over Load Indication
• 90% Approach alarm
• No Lifting Capacity alarm
• Maximum & Minimum Angle & Radius Restriction alarm
• Hook Over Lower alarm
• Rigging Mode

Additional Features
which other competitors does not offer you in India such as:
• Classic view of the Display
• Self Diagnostic features
• Easy to View Load charts & Code List on display
• We offer maximum available cut-offs of the Cranes
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