Are you facing problems with crane hydraulics & Crane Electricals & Electronics?
We Cranesafe Technologies is the established organization in Mobile Crane Industry. We provide trouble shootings of most of the cranes with genuine solutions. We also provide indigenous alternatives for various kinds of troubles, the alteration made by us, it does not disturb the original functionality and safety of your cranes. We follow classical approach towards any trouble with proper systems & instrumentation. We follow original hydraulics & Electricals circuits and provide proper solutions in a cheapest way. Our well educated & well trained team is always ready to serve you in a better way. We manufacture suitable manifold for different kind of problems. We also provide boom extension logic for single cylinder, Gripper type telescope. We have replaced the old electronics from several cranes by our indigenous Crane Control System (CCS) for e.g. Liebherr LR 1500, LTM 1300, LTM 1120N, LTM 1090, LTM 1170, LTM 1140, Groove GMK 5100, KMK 6180, KMK 6200, KMK 5170.


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Telephonic support: We provide a 24 X 7 & support on phone for all our customers in case of any service query
Mandatory Pre Dispatch Quality Assurance before the products are delivered

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