Crane control system

The Crane Control System (Pinnacle CCS) is the masterpiece for precise and reliable crane operations. CCS from Cranesafe Technologies is a unique one system solution which combined the best technologies available for reliable Crane Control.

Pinnacle CCS is the one level interface of the Crane and operator. Various pumps and solenoids are controlled with variable speed. The system empowers the operator to efficiently control the crane operations. User friendly diagnostic screens on the display.

Manufactured by Cranesafe Technologies is benefit its wide range of applications including any make model of hydraulic telescopic crane, crawler cranes as well as port & deck cranes. The best standards components & sensors are used in manufacturing the system Pinnacle CCS which leads to safety and reliability in crane operations As the Pinnacle CCS is used in sectors with exceptional safety standards precise customers also benefits from safety features beyond the norm. Designed for usage in rough environments, Pinnacle Crane Control Systems working temperature range is 0 to 55. We have replaced the old control systems for e. g. Liebherr LR 1500, LTM 1300, LTM 1120N, LTM 1090, LTM 1170, LTM 1140, Groove GMK 5100, KMK 6180, 6200, 5170.
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