Safe Load Indicator (SLI ) :

Features And Benefits :
Displays : Rated Load, Boom Length, radius, Hook Load, boom Angle, Hourmeter, Text Messages & Error Messages.
Anti Two Block, Approach Overload Alarms.
Provides Quick reference on the percentage of load from 10% to 100% on Bar-graph.
Alerts the operator when the crane reaches its limit. Motion Cut Available.
Warns the operator of any type of over limits such as Hook over hoist, Boom overhoist, overload etc.
System is user Friendly & Simple
Self Diagnostics
Provides Audio - Visual system under unsafe condition with human voice in Hindi &
English (Optional)
Provides overtilting conditions warning while in operations (Optional)

Technical Data :
Alpha-Numerical LCD Display 20 Characters X 4 Lines with Backlight LCD
Display Controller Size 245mm x 160mm x 90mm
Supply Voltage 24V to 28V DC
Operating Temperature -10o to 70o C
Relay Outputs 2NO/NC rated@5A

Information , descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice.