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SLI Aceesories :

Jib Junction Box  
• Encloser is IP – 65 graded quality
• Junction box for luffing jib
• Electrical wiring junction for main boom load, main boom A2B, luffing jib angle, luffing roller drum, main boom roller drum
• Imported connecters are used for wiring junctions

Guide Roller Set

• Guiding wire rope for proportional & non- proportional boom of hydraulic cranes
• Robust design
• Manufactured in SS-316 graded quality
• Easily installable
• Maximum capacity of 8 mm wire rope
• Adjustment available for proportionate wire rope

Pressure Fittings

• Are used for non proportionate cylinders of hydraulic cranes
• Available in 1/8” BSP, 3/8” BSP, ¼” NPT, ½” BSP, M8 x 1.25 pitch, M12 x 1.5 pitch, M14 x 1.5 pitch
• Customized size as per enquiry
• Available in Anti rust plating
• Manufactured in harden steel
Hydraulic Fittings  
• Are used for cutoff system of Pick & Carry Cranes
• Available in 1/2” BSP, 3/8” BSP, 1 1/16” UNF JIC type threads
• Customized size as per enquiry
• Available in Anti rust plating
• Manufactured in harden steel
Hose Pipes  
• Grade SAE 100 R 280
• Maximum capacity of 275 Bar
• Available in only ½” BSP Threads
• Maximum length of hose is 1 mtr
Solenoid Valve with sub plate  
• Model 3WE10A33/CG24N9K4
• Max. operating pressure 315bar
• Max. flow pressure 120 l/min
• Direct solenoid operated directional spool valve
• Wet pin AC or DC solenoid operating coil removable
• Coils can be replaced without opening the pressure tight chamber
• Electrical connections available as either individual connections.


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